Sunday 15 March 2015

NZ120 Wooden Trestle Bridge

Building a bridge, again or still. When shopping around local dealers I came across thin wood & doweling in vast quantitys at ridiculous prices. So like anyone else I purchased what I needed to build a wooden trestle. Inspired by a bridge built by my granddad I went about creating one loosely based on the following photo's. Photo credit unkown.
The bridge area finally had a make over with 3 bags of 1kg plaster of paris being used to cover & shape the landscape. Mixing the plaster spoonfulls at a time into a container of water until all the water is absorbed allowed for a good 8-10 minutes of working time. 

Belmont viaduct (near Johnsonville) shortly before being demolished - Credits?

Manawapou Viaduct 1966 - Credits?

A brave driver takes the NZ120 Q across the bridge mid construction

English Electric DF poses on the bridge shortly after completion

English Electric DF poses on the bridge shortly after completion

After plastering has been mostly used up, river is slowly built up in layers of PVA, water & colour pigment.

A scene showing the back of the %100 Barrells store
Showing the state of the current road, the plan is a smooth plastered road to mimic a far north rural road, with at least tarseal. The bridge arch road tunnel will be one way & coloured to represent the age of the bridge.. DCC Sound DE using the chassis from the DH..  

Showing the currently clay road, with a tunnel portal sitting in place on what could be part of a foundation. If only I can find the other tunnel portal...

Showing the cutting leading to the bridge & the road


The bridge in the rear will be a girder bridge, 3d printed in sections. of concrete pillar & steel construction. If I get that far..., then the wooden trestle could be replaced with something quite ambitious indeed!

Using some photoshop skills I've recreated the scene a few times & have a few pics with added backgrounds to share as a result.


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  2. There is a pic here showing the old and new Manawapou viaduct together. The first was built in 1883/4 -


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