Thursday, 4 March 2021

1:24 Lpa Wagon

 1:24 Lpa Wagon, my attempt at an iconic wagon, saw these daily in whangarei running right up to the 2010's. Body is printed separately to the chassis, fits in place nicely. Creating a jig for the many handrails. Some areas on the corrugated ends need a tidy up in the design, and further details need adding.

2nd Wagon mostly done, Red primer looks about right.

Friday, 29 January 2021

1:24 Q3 Hopper Wagon

 First new design for the year, a 1:24 scale Q wagon, this is just a test print to ensure all the parts fit so looks rather rough. Probably a day and a half to produce all the components i'd say. The doors on the hopper work but still working out the brake rigging & the door release mech. Brake gear is printed separately and added, almost went to the effort of making the brakes function but not worth the effort.

A couple days later and things have largely evolved for the better

The handle bars were folded in a quick jig to ensure continuity. The holes were embedded in the design to ensure correct placement.

Greymouth Port in the early days, My inspiration for this project.

Q wagons in varying stages of production. I'm thinking a rake of 12 would make up a decent train.  

8 Wagons

After watching low resolution videos of the Denniston incline, I was inclined to give it a go. I cut the sleepers out of lego track and placed on a board.

Ab hauling 12 empty Q wagons.

Wab hauling 12 loaded Q wagons

Making coal loads, I used a template to draw with a blue marker around the edges onto card which had mostly black on the reverse side. Next I will layer up some coal using pva.

Showing off some coal load tests, Using crushed coal I've been experimenting with the coarseness to replicate a load of that time period. 


Friday, 22 January 2021


Handrails can really bring a model to life, with the first DL I 3d printed them, fixed into place asking to be knocked off. This time I 3d printed a Jig, which nicely holds everything in place, allowing enough room for the solder to form into what I hoped would resemble nice triangle brackets. In the end I was happy with whatever held the strongest while reducing burns to the hands. The handrails can easily be removed from the cab to permit it's removal.  

Crude but effective

Back to michaels

 Showing off some pictures taken at michaels place, he has recently been busy with scenery and bridgework. I could only bring what models I had in auckland and no wagons. During the visit Mike produced a bag of bachman wheels and pointed out the lack of wagons, I have been toying with the Idea of making a rake of Lpa Highside 4 wheel wagons..

3D Printed bridge girders

Cameraman had a great vantage point hanging from a branch.

Showing off the third attempt at the DL, so far only the long hood has materialized. This time the side panels on the long hood open. Unlike the Dx the doors clip into place without having to drill tiny holes etc. 

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Installing LEDS

Showing off some Pic's of DL 9008's wonderful encounter with tiny 3v Leds from Jaycar. Wired up to a 2xAA battery holder and switch under the fuel tank, as is with the current DL. Can't wait to photograph at dusk on an outdoor railway!

Friday, 30 October 2020

1:24 DL.. again


Greetings to all, hopefully everyone made it so far safely through the pandemic we all find ourselves in.. The time off to reflect and not have any filament was painful given the free time available. Recently a small space opened up whereby I can run the printer & smell / noise isn't an issue and I don't have to try and sleep next to it in operation. 

The first subject was a DL, with thinner walls, a redone cab with more appropriately scaled walls. Like the last diesel printed (Dx) it has removable cab, hood & chassis. The cab doors will open etc.

 The first section took 37 hours at the Fastest speed at a resolution of 0.1 0.15 being using up till this point due to the extra time of the print, at 0.15 the hours would be reduced to 23 hours. The section/print height is 200mm, far greater than the earlier DL print a few years back which had sections of roughly 100 - 110mm.

The second 200mm section currently printing will take 41 hours due to having slightly more material. 

Printers new home

Sections printed & glued together

Sections sprayed with Tamiya Fine Primer and given a good sanding too

The progress on the DL has been a bit slow, the main roadblock at the moment would be a lack of a spray paint booth leaving me with no choice but to wait for a dry sunny weekend day with no wind, last weekend I managed to give the body a couple coats of fine primer and a good sanding over. 

The see through grills are definately an improvement, also the bigger sections and smooth crisp details help.

Not especially related to the DL, 
Showing some progress on printing a 1:33.86 scale train for the old mans xmas present. Can't believe it took me this long to print anything 1:33 since receiving the UP Box Printer as the models are printing better than I hoped.

Some actual DL News,

Installing LED's 

The Xmas Ww & Carriages is coming along nicely, the new printer making short work of it. I've used 160 and 240 grit sand paper and a quick coat of primer.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

1:76 Dc & 1:120 Dx Test prints

1:76 Dc & 1:120 Dx Test prints, pushing the capabilities of the printer somewhat, at least with 1:76 the detail can render properly. It still requires a bit of sanding but am so far happy with the result. The Dx while technically possible requires a few tweeks to the overall thickness, especially around the cab. I still think it can be done. Will offer up the 1:76 stuff to the trademe crowd

The chassis in the background was from a dcc dash 9, the body was removed in the hopes of converting it into a DL to offer up. will see if it will take a 1:76 shell without looking silly.

1:76 Dc in the early stages of a 1 day print, The intent first came to me at 5 in the morning and in the rush to find a design, scale it & remove unnecessary detail forgot that working cab doors should have at lest been attempted. 

1:24 NZR DX (General Electric U26C)
1:24 Ka class
1:120 KIWIRAIL DL Class

If your interested in something made available that i've already printed  let me know below