Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Ka & Kb (Full Streamlining) Pictures

After going through grandfather's photo album on J's & K's I found a few relevant pics handy for detailing I may as well share, rather than keeping them hidden away.
Interestingly the streamlining was removed 1948 - 49 when the A C F I feed water heating apparatus was removed. Kb were built at hillside (not Hutt) and were fitted with a booster two-cylinder auxiliary engine which could be cut in at low speed for starting or heavy grades.

NZR Ka Class

NZR Ka Class

NZR Ka Class

NZR Kb Class

NZR Kb Class

NZR Kb Class

Saturday, 21 July 2018

1:24 Ka class, continued..

1:24 Ka

Using 4 Wheels, 1 motor & gearbox on permanent loan from

 2x Bachmann anniversary 4-6-0 $50 chassis blocks. I've used the pony trucks, I had to shorten the front truck & solder things back together. I've then 3d printed a Ka around it.

I'm usually shy when it comes to taking photos of its underside as my detail is somewhat lacking, but I think its interesting enough in this case.

The boiler needs a few more passes with the sandpaper, then detailing can begin.
Bachmann anniversary 4-6-0 wheels, motor & gearbox

First Run

1:24 Ka hauling 3x 50ft'ers, 2 carriages now have the handrails added. Need to add more weight for traction, Currently 3kg

Early morning run
Poem from Frank Robert's book, "Steam in Miniature"

I love to see the K arrive,
So well controlled, yet so alive.
I feel the shaking, quaking ground,
Awaremess of approaching sound.

Hear the clattering, puffing snifter,

As the driver shuts the drifter.
Then the greedy rushing suction,
What a racket, what a ruction!

Clanging rods with ringing steel,

Grinding brakes on rumbling wheel.
All to me makes such appeal,
I wonder oft what others feel.

Last night while reading Frank Robert's book, "Steam in Miniature" I found a picture of the inner cab of K 900 & 916, which is not exactly a Ka but is better than nothing.
I thought I'd share this picture from the book as its a valuable modeling aid, he very much set the standard high. I do wonder what he'd say to the modern methods I employ....

Boiler blackhead so far.. Yes this will be available seperatly for nz120 once finished, obviously scaled down with considerations made. I've designed it so I can put a $12 fire flickering Led inside the firebox & it will shine through. Going to use the clear pipe from a ballpoint pen that holds the ink for the water level gauges. Just to be clear, my Intent is to eventually print the correct one for the Ka with the butterfly firebox doors, might even make the doors functioning. I promised myself I would print a Dx next but since I've finally got a good cheap source of crucial working parts for the powered mountain chassis, and the ability to print the chassis at any axle spacing I desire, I may as well print the K.

Friday, 13 July 2018

1:24 Peckett Detailing

On a whim, while ordering parts from Bachmann I stumbled upon a small 0-4-0 powered chassis for $30USD. I figured it would come in handy for something. Only 1 wheel is powered by the motor so side rods were a given. Now the wheels are smaller than scale, and I haven't any more small wheels until the next order so it will remain without its rear pony wheels for a while longer.

Eventually the cab & water tanks will be painted green to match #5 at the Maunu Museum in Whangarei.I was inspired enough to even print a small covered wagon 

Whangarei Heritage Park Peckett #5

Peckett's first Powered Run

Painted to match #5, the blue carriage is coming along nicely, it would be a shame to not have the second carriage.

K & Peckett for size comparison
The 4 wheeler carriage now has steel free running wheels, kindly donated by a recent Marklin 4 wheeler carriage purchase from
The brake rigging was also good, so had to cut them off also, the quality of Marklin stuff is amazing.

Monday, 25 June 2018

1:24 Ab detailing

After printing the 1:24 Ab body & tender a couple of years back now I had a shortage of viable chassis options, not to be deterred I printed wheels & made my own chassis but it was never going to be more than a display model at that point.
To make it run I purchased a few 4-6-0 cheapies.
Most of the chassis was cut away to form a nice motor block which screws into the body at both ends. Inside the boiler is a rather large lead block making it the heaviest locomotive I own.
The wheel sizes are all slightly wrong but are all steel.
I've yet to print & assemble all the motion work but its coming.
The cab interior is coming along, still a bit to do yet.

A Quick back and forth, Curious to see how much she'd pull

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

1:24 Ka Class

1:24 Ka & Tender, basic shell finished, far more sanding to go, sitting on a J chassis for the photo. For the chassis I'll use driving wheels, motor & gearbox from bachmann Usa

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Running Trains

A quick video showing highlights from an afternoon running trains at Michaels place in Auckland.
First scene is a very "prototypical" 5 loco lashup of Dxr, Db, Db, Dbr & Dft hauling a mix train

Saturday, 24 February 2018

NZ120 DF

The NZ120 & 1:87 DF Class has now been drawn up, and can be found here

I've been having a play with 3d builder to edit the .stl file I send to shapeways to add a bit of colour, imagine one day being able to print in colour with a material like FUD. One day soon!

NZ120 DF Class, 3d render 
NZ120 DF Class, 3d render 

Not quite NZ120 but related, a larger version currently printing away
Df & second Db in early stages of fruit salad
DF with almost complete bogies, handrails all finished, this time 0.9mm brass