Saturday, 24 January 2015

NZR Locomotive Shells for HO 1:87

Going some what off tangent in terms of scale, some New Zealand Locomotive Shells for HO were requested. The DC, DH, DI, DB, eeDF, DL, DXR & Ja converted to 1:87 scale so far. The intent is to print a shell & utilise chassis from donor locos or preferably buy a custom diesel chassis from North Yard Model Railway Parts ( at a reasonable price. The price for a shell will range from $60 - 200 & a chassis should set one back at least $150.
Currently the 1:87 market for NZR is catered for by the Frateschi Range, which from memory is limited to DA/DC/DX/DH in terms of Diesels
The models in 1:87 scale are only available in the Detail Plastics.
(Frosted Detail & Frosted Ultra Detail). 
HO American dynamic brake details, grills , air hoses, couplers, handrails etc to finish off

1:87 (HO) Scale New Zealand DC

1:87 Dh General Electric - Pre Shunters Refuge

1:87 Di Class

1:87 Dxr Original Cab


  1. Por favor enviadme precios y formas de pago por una GM-EMD GT22CW, vivo en EspaƱa, Muchisimas gracias.

  2. is the DC print sent as a psychical object or will I just have the printing measurements? ps. like the design.