Saturday, 31 January 2015

NZ120 UBS Wagon Arrives

Today sees the NZ120 Ubs project through to the end, decals applied & trackgangproducts brass etched handrails, bogies & couplers attached.
The decals were sealed with clear.

Link to Shapeways NZ120 UBS Wagon
Link to Trackgangproducts  for detail parts

Getting the right colour... after a few attempts the mix ratio of 10 parts orange to 1 part gin or red was used

The files used for the decals were drawn up by me & are made available for anyone to use.
(Ubs Decals) Designed for "Clear" Decal Paper

(Ubs Decals) Designed for "White" Decal Paper

The wrong shade of orange.. 
Showing the cylinder end removed.

And a wee video of it running around the layout

Saturday, 24 January 2015

NZR Locomotive Shells for HO 1:87

Going some what off tangent in terms of scale, some New Zealand Locomotive Shells for HO were requested. The DC, DH, DI, DB, eeDF, DL, DXR & Ja converted to 1:87 scale so far. The intent is to print a shell & utilise chassis from donor locos or preferably buy a custom diesel chassis from North Yard Model Railway Parts ( at a reasonable price. The price for a shell will range from $60 - 200 & a chassis should set one back at least $150.
Currently the 1:87 market for NZR is catered for by the Frateschi Range, which from memory is limited to DA/DC/DX/DH in terms of Diesels
The models in 1:87 scale are only available in the Detail Plastics.
(Frosted Detail & Frosted Ultra Detail). 
HO American dynamic brake details, grills , air hoses, couplers, handrails etc to finish off

1:87 (HO) Scale New Zealand DC

1:87 Dh General Electric - Pre Shunters Refuge

1:87 Di Class

1:87 Dxr Original Cab

Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Design, NZ120 UBS Wagon

Tonight we see a new design in progress, NZ120 UBS of 1967 (SULPHURIC ACID) Tank Wagon Body. Requiring bogies & couplers. Plenty of room in the tank for weight to be added.

Showing inside supports & tank ends.

Ubs Prototype - Picture Credit