Thursday, 30 November 2017

1:24 DB Class

Whilst in a productive mood, I converted & sliced up the Db class for 1:24 scale & started off printing the main sections.

Cab & front printed, Starting to look like a Db
Sections coming along nicely
Sections attached using spacers. Putty & sanding continues

After quite a bit of sanding later, almost ready for its first coat of ultra fine primer

After a decent paintjob the Db steps closer to detailing, I haven't found a decent solution for the grills yet..

Decals & handrails Added..

Headlights added, second Db class mainly complete.

Monday, 20 November 2017

1:24 Dq Class

Now the printer's up & running I've decided I'd print out the DQ in 1:24 scale why not.

Most of the long hood printed.

The main sections finished
Most of the body printed, undergoing putty & sanding

Most of the body printed, undergoing putty & sanding

Dq after a paint job, dunno why but the masking was a bit of a miss, lots of tidying up to do. The cab needs another going over with the sand paper, eventually we'll get there.
Chassis fitted & wired up ready for a run in
Midway through detailing the 1:24 DQ Class, handrails are the thinnest my printer can handle. Nice straight lines, still much to do.