Thursday, 30 November 2017

1:24 DB Class

Whilst in a productive mood, I converted & sliced up the Db class for 1:24 scale & started off printing the main sections.

Cab & front printed, Starting to look like a Db
Sections coming along nicely
Sections attached using spacers. Putty & sanding continues

After quite a bit of sanding later, almost ready for its first coat of ultra fine primer

After a decent paintjob the Db steps closer to detailing, I haven't found a decent solution for the grills yet..

Decals & handrails Added..

Headlights added, second Db class mainly complete.

Monday, 20 November 2017

1:24 Dq Class

Now the printer's up & running I've decided I'd print out the DQ in 1:24 scale why not.

Most of the long hood printed.

The main sections finished
Most of the body printed, undergoing putty & sanding

Most of the body printed, undergoing putty & sanding

Dq after a paint job, dunno why but the masking was a bit of a miss, lots of tidying up to do. The cab needs another going over with the sand paper, eventually we'll get there.
Chassis fitted & wired up ready for a run in
Midway through detailing the 1:24 DQ Class, handrails are the thinnest my printer can handle. Nice straight lines, still much to do.

Friday, 8 September 2017

NZR USL class

Over the past week I had been drawing up & printing out a Usl Log wagon, after the first few failed attempts at printing the flat sections I changed the print orientation to vertical & found better results. 
Since I'm going to want a few of them I've managed to get the print time down to 3 nights for the main body.
Bogies are standard bachman freight trucks.
Drawn up in Tinkercad

Main body & cradles & minor detailing printed, cradles sitting in position with a friction grip.

Decalling finished although the cradles still unattached, still to paint the body & bogies red oxide colour.

3 Wagons completed, 48 individual decals for the cradles alone.

With a relatively smaller load but still looking the part

Friday, 18 August 2017

1:24 Kiwirail Dxr

1:24 Kiwirail Dxr
3d printed body sections printed, glued together & sanded. Everything fitted well, slight warpinig issues experienced a couple weeks ago during the cold snap but nice clean prints since.
Showing internal supports, nice and rigid.

Headstocks & Fuel tank printed & attached. Bogie sideframes printed, everything clean & tidy

Brass etched mesh added, need to get more for the rest of the grills, very fine stuff.

The DXR after more detailing..

DXR Handrails added, Kiwirail paint scheme applied, Decals & paint tidy up still to do

Friday, 23 June 2017


With thanks to the old man, a plan of the NZR Ew is found in The New Zealand Model Railway Journal, Number 91, Volume 15, June 1962.
I'm drawing it up in 1:64, to make available in nz120 & of course 1 for me in 1:24.

The NZ120 version is now available, and can be found here
Bogies found here

1:64 NZR Ew Shell.
1:24 Ew sections underway, sitting on bogies loaned from the De


After a first coat of matt black, putty & sanding next. 
Still in the process of printing the middle bogie adapter., another thing to consider is how sharp of a radius does it need to go around, 2ft would be the answer. Thus the implications are an exaggerated distance between to the two bodies.

The tidy up continues, Now is able to run. Been experimenting with printing pantographs, the pantograph base needs correcting so it can lower correctly. Just sitting in place atm.

Pantograph after a few tweaks, now completely lowers.
1:24 Ew making its first run

1:24 Ew, still far from perfect, join lines still visible but looking more like the prototype.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

1:24 eeDF

The next locomotive, 1951 NZR DF, English Electric.
Going to use 2x powered chassis & should be able to negotiate very small radius curves. Since the cowcatchers & couplers swing with the front bogie it will be an ideal heavy hauler for smaller curves.
Printer - UP PLUS 2
Quality - Fast
Internal honeycomb structure - second smallest size

1  147.9g 09hr 10min Res0.2
2  115.5g 07hr 34min Res0.2
3  109.0g 07hr 59min Res0.2
4  124.9g 08hr 00min Res0.2
5  108.8g 07hr 17min Res0.2
6  113.4g 08hr 14min Res0.2
7  142.7g 10hr 31min Res0.2
8  109.2g 06hr 37min Res0.2
9  048.2g 03hr 28min Res0.2
10 073.8g 05hr 58min Res0.2
11 113.2g 08hr 44min Res0.2

Total Print Time  83hr 32min
Material Cost 1,206.6g

7/8 sections, not far to go.

Body sections printed, Chassis next.

Sideframes just laying against their respective lgb power blocks. Pony trucks finished with plastic wheels, will need to add lots of weight until the steel wheels arrive

Pony truck & cow catchers not quite connected together yet, but main power bogies with frames finished. The body is too high by 18mm to allow the bogie swing, thus in theory allowing it to run around 3ft radius track.. Re printing the cow catchers slightly taller to make it look ok from the front.

A wee video of it running around 2ft track

Still with only 1 coat of paint, but looking much tidier with black sideframes.