Sunday, 26 July 2015

3D Printer (UP MINI)

Newly purchased 3d Printers, A UP Mini & PLUS 2.

UP Mini 3d Printer, The freebee that came with the UP Plus 2

Inside the UP Mini 3d Printer (HDR)


The UP Mini 3d Printer was a freebee that came with the UP PLUS 2. Now I had visions of the UP Plus 2 being the main printer, as the resolution was 0.15. The UP Mini being 0.20. This was not the case, the UP Plus is the first and only printer Not having an enclosure. The models are extremely prone to warping during printing. Ending in failure after failure. The result because of the environment, cold temperature of the air etc. The solution being to construct a case surrounding the printer to create a nice warm environment for the printer. Time will tell... The Up Mini with a full enclosure but slightly restricted build area has been printing virtually non stop with minimal errors or maintenance required.

Some pictures of things printed by the UP Mini
A 1:48 scale RM class (Silver Fern), The very first model printed, Each section pushed out of the printer like a baby screaming in protest, taking 7 hours per section and 1 hour downtime between. 

A 1:48 scale RM class (Silver Fern)
1:24 scale NZR Wab, chassis is a 4-6-0 $47 special from bachman spare sparts 
1:24 scale NZR Wab, chassis is a 4-6-0 $47 special from bachman spare sparts 

1:120 & 1:34 scale Coaling crane

1:120 & 1:34 scale DM (Wellington EMU)
1:34 Scale DM bogie, turned out ok, however printed in bearings, make installing the wheels difficult, so might need to redo this... However the wheels are perfectly lined up inside the bogie, so free runs wonderfully, just need more track!! Does anyone know if the DM/D even had spoked wheels?

1:34 Scale UD Wagon & Crane

1:34 Scale UD Wagon, bogie frames with separate bearings & Wheels. Will need to tweak the bogie design and allow a far smaller screw to attach bogie to main truss. Then this will allow for the third wheel to be inserted, in this large scale these things need to be done right as its quite noticeable unlike nz120 where my old man struggles to even see the models!!

First people to emerge from the printer (1:24 Scale), printed on their backs, and a mess can be seen on this unpainted mans back & places like the faces. Will try printing em standing up but this means more support material to remove.

1:24 Scale people from above

1:24 Scale people, loitering around my work area like they own the place

1:24 Scale people, Including a 3d printed bench.. The Female is crying because her arm needs smoothing & a 100 other reasons i'm sure. Layering is quite apparent but can give it the putty and sanding treatment to fix.

1:24 Scale J class

1:24 Scale J class so far, A first attempt at printing and entire locomotive including the main driving wheels. With the intention of getting mr woodworks to craft steel tyres for the printed wheels. The chassis will be printed in 5 sections, and will hopefully go together quite straight and true. 

1:24 Scale J class after weeks of experimentation, 3d printed driving wheels quartered & rods freely moving. Valve gear & expansion link & housing is next up ready for printing. Axles are meccano 4mm dia, and piston rods are 3.98mm brass rod. Meccano gears & axles will be used when I print up a gearbox incl mount for the motor.
1:24 Scale Wab Class so far, HDR photo of the model in the afternoon sun. To get to this stage lots of sanding, yet I feel in places not enough!
I woke up this morning with an urgent need of a 1:24 Pneumatic Coaling Crane, by the time anyone reads this it 's probably already finished..
A few hours later
A further few hours later
Showing further progress on the 1:24 J class. Valve work largely completed although the eccentric rod needs shortening by 2mm and thinning down by 1.5mm. Regretting the fact the boiler bands were included on the boiler (I was warned..), this weekend should see the boiler get a going over with 10 sheets of newly purchased sandpaper with grades of 300, 200 & 100. Once complete piping etc can be added.

Further progress on the 1:24 J class, Were getting very close to completion now. Once done I will have all the files needed to produce this again and again if wished, however I think next it might be prudent to print a North British Ja!

Another view of the 1:24 J class. Drivers side. Currently working on a Tablet exchanger. Not an easy task as I want an operating one but have never seen one in person, or in any high detail photos. But that's the next immediate goal.
1:24 J class, further progress. Still no tablet exchanger or reversing mech, although the framework is in place. Shaky the cat in the background

1:24 J class, further progress.

1:24 J class, further progress.
1:24 Ab concept, chassis with printed gear drive running into firebox area for motor. Hard to see the blue gears between the drivers, but should work fine I think.

1:24 Ab Kit slowly emerging from the printer like a newborn child, gear train printed & running smooth. Even the spoked pony truck wheels are going to be printed. The cow catcher is going to be reprinted, with the coupler socket made significantly smaller & more rivet detail on the front to match the prototype. Also the bars on the cowcatcher and going to be printed finer, hopefully to scale
1:24 Ab side on. The pipes leading down to the piston are way underscale, and will be cut and reprinted.
1:24 J & JA, Further work sees the Ja shell & chassis largely complete, work on a coal tender currently in progress.
1:24 J & JA, Further work sees the Ja shell & chassis largely complete, work on a coal tender currently in progress.
A view inside the smokebox of the 1:24 Ja, magnet glued to door allows it to lock with a steel screw just visible in pic. Inside the boiler, the honeycomb rings, are designed to hold the sections true.
Showing progress, Coal tender in the middle of sanding &/painting, Just behind is the 1:24 DE fresh from the printer & assembled with a light coat of black ready for sanding.
1:24 DE after a lick of the right colour, still sanding, filling painting & repeating...

1:24 DE after a lick of the right colour, still sanding, filling painting & repeating...
1:24 Ja after most of the pipes have been added. Still a ways to go yet.
1:24 Ja after electric generator, safety valves etc were added, followed with a light coat of black.
1:24 Ja after lights have been added & wired up, the number board also lights up.
1:24 scale 47'6" carriage shell, the floor (Balsa) screws to body shell, allowing for seating to be printed & fitted. Bogies are borrowed off the ab until I get the passenger bogies printed.
1:24 Carriage progress shots. The ever happy girl seeing how it fits, The gates do swing open but that wont help as the steps still need printing, not that it would make her happy anyway. also need to print a latch. The handrails admittedly do look a bit thick, but should be strong enough to resist breaking.
More 1:24 Carriage progress shots, Floor is now at correct height, passenger bogies, footsteps and the beginning of the undergrubbins were added.. This week was full of scattered ideas, A 1:24 DL section printed and looking good. However another carriage took priority and is currently printing with 4/7 sections done. I will have my rake of carriages!
1:24 De & 47'6" NZR Carriage Posing on a cloudy northland day.

1:24 De & 47'6" NZR Carriage Posing. DE Still needs attention around the cab area, Cab interior first.

1:24 De & 47'6" NZR Carriage Posing (HDR)
1:24 De, Ja & 3x 47/6 footers
Brutal Closeup of the DE cab. Window lining still needing work to finish but largely there. The control stand is finished and is attached with 1 screw so quite easy to remove.
1:24 47/6 Footer Guards Van built in 1904, window lookout and side door to be printed seperately for 1:24 and included for nz120
All together now...
A quick movie showing the Wab having its first run
Modern generation shunters, txting on the job even in 1:24th scale...
Whats a 1:24 DSG without a 1:24 UK, i'll never know...

A quick movie showing the 1:24 DSG having its first run

1:24 DSG taking the UK for its first run
1:24 47/6 Footer Guards Van nearing completion. The side-doors will slide open and close.
1:24 47/6 Footer Guards Van after a lick of paint.

124 Dsg well involved in the painting process. 124 Za nearly completed.
124 Za after a lick of red brown paint. Some filling and sanding required in places where the sections join and the under truss still to print.
124 Ab getting closer to running order.