Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A focus on steam.. How many train crews does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, its the shop crews job.

Lately I've been building up mainly steam loco's. A wab that was built from a Jap C51 chassis.
A Very long winded project thus far, was built into an Ab class then after 2 months decided to completely overhaul and rebuild the loco into a Wab.


Next up was a Ja that was built by Muir originally. I then found another chassis and ended up building from scratch 2 J class locos. Most of the pipe work is getting close to completion. They have botched paint jobs. Upon completion of construction both will be coloured and weathered accordingly.

NZR J Class

The mighty K class.
This was one of my first models, definately a challenge to build! Its biggest let down is the boiler being a couple of mm's to high off the chassis, It will be overhauled one day...

NZR K Class

My very first loco.
The very first loco. I had intended to biuld a layout of mercer north of huntly where the P class used to frequent.

NZR P Class

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