Thursday, 19 April 2012

Painting a NZR RM class (88 seater) - Blue Streak

In 1968, at the suggestion of Hamilton City Council, an 88-seater was refurbished for a new fast service between Hamilton and Auckland aimed at the businessman, and it started on Monday, 8 April 1968. It was fitted with carpet and reupholstered fabric-covered seats, and was painted in a new two-tone colour scheme that prompted the nickname 'Blue Streak'. The seating was reduced to 84 to accommodate a servery area from which light meals and assorted alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks could be purchased.

After a coat of White in a special painting booth made out of a large box

In the background you can see the mirror (Glass will also work) to which i apply the tape. Then using a razor blade and steel ruler cut the tape to the desired length/width (or any shape you wish) and simply peel the tape off the mirror using the razor blade to scrape it up carefully then reapply on model.
I typically goto the model shop and purchase a roll of 6mm masking tape.

When painting with spray paint, also use very thin coats every 15 minutes or so. You can expect to put on up to 10 coats. This prevents bleeding i.e thick bits of paint running under the tape.
Ensure spray can is at least a foot and a half away.

All coats finished and model running again!

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