Tuesday, 30 October 2012

End of the month Info

End of October Update on progress;

Fits like a dream onto a Spectrum USRA 4-8-2 Light Mountain Union Pacific's Chassis
For a first steam engine loco shell I have to admit this went very very well, and to see her in the flesh is most satisfying to the eyes. Even without any real detail... yet.

This will naturally be adapted to the streamline version.

NZ120 - ZM Box Wagon
I've always wanted a NZ box wagon but never really wanted to scratch build all them ribbings. It turned out better than expected considering the material used, however the one major advantage over any other kit is the weight, weights just enough to stick to the track and no more. I plan on getting quite a few of these to string behind whatever loco I have and know it will pull it without any issues.

I used trackgangproducts.co.nz 's bogies & couplers, which added the right amount of weight to the bottom.


The angles on this model makes it a nightmare to scratch build, even though it looks like it would be simple to build. Without much detail in its current form it still looks pretty darn good in my merrily bodging outer sibling opinion! In this picture the chassis I found the best is a British DMU Chassis, Fits right on, grips the body in what could best be described as a vice like grip.

KIWIRAIL AK Carriage Set
If ever goal posts keep moving, none would be a better example than this.

Originally was just going to do the one main carriage, now i've been talked into doing the cafe carriage. Which when I think about it is another half an hours work moving windows around and its done.

The undercarriage will include the bogies, seats etc. The top will sit right on the undercarriage.

Then how the windows were going to be able to happen, there's no way anyone would want to cut little square individual windows and fit them. So the picture below will show a 1mm thick window panel can be cut and attached in the slot. And if you cut it right you probably wouldn't even need to glue em in.
Paint the inside of the window boxing black and it will look just like the real thing.

Not so far in the distance will see a shell for a 1954 DF Class now I have acquired the correct chassis.
The last weekend Jolon brought his scratch built DF and for the greater part of the weekend spent its time pulling various consists around the layout. Which is more than enough to get me wanting one.

Check out the video, quite something!


  1. I look forward to seeing the EE Df done. Sadly the chassis that was on Trademe isn't the right axel spacing - the Kato GG1 is closer.

  2. Belgrovenzr1202 May 2013 at 04:48

    I love the models that have been, its a great step forward in 120 modeling. GO 120!