Friday, 30 November 2012

December already!! What happened to November?

First up we have the dxr receiving correct bogie side-frames, available from Trackgangproducts

Showing the bare bits

Last month saw the completion of both the AB and WAB Classes, I found filling was needed on both the chassis and the body in various small areas which took about 2 minutes of my day. The sideframes on the WAB's rear truck look a bit fat but considering its a first I'm more than happy with em.

WAB Class available here Kiwitrains WAB
AB Class available here Kiwitrains AB

Showing the good ol fat rear bogie

Standing alone, shes a beaut alright.

The next locomotive to be completed is the long awaited DA, the paint job was a bit rushed admittedly. Pictured in front of a rather smart looking Etch eta DC brass locomotive. 

DA Class available here Kiwitrains DA

Thanks to Jolon & Jerry I've now secured a chassis for the planned DJ, definitely going to do the side-frames with this one as well. 

The chassis once ready will hopefully progress my enthusiasm towards the DSG, complete with sideframes.

DSG Class available here Kiwitrains DSG

The DF (1954) is now finished, 1 test print so far is a success but still in transit.

DF available here Kiwitrains DF (1954)

Finally to end the post we have a group shot!

Layout Update, I'm not sure how much more track I can fit in a small space but definitely worth points for trying! Kato Unitrack is in no way prototypical, but simple enough to adjust at a spur of the moment.
(No ma'am, I don't want to buy the whole cow, just a glass of milk thanks)


  1. Hi Peter, I'm tempted to enter for the first time, into NZR 120 scale. I'm looking at getting your Da class and painting it in the fruit salad livery. Are you able to mention on your blog - just for any other NZ120 first timers out there, where or how we go about obtaining decals in 120 scale for the locos that you have on offer at shapeways?



  2. Good idea, will include info on the next update!