Sunday, 16 June 2013

New Layout for the Taupo Hobby Expo 20 - 21 July 2013

With winter brings more time inside for layout building, designed to showcase the deluge new train models whilst remaining portable. I used unitrack soldered together & glued to the polystyrene (1.2 x .6) supplied by Russell & trackgang. The 2 sheets of polystyrene by pure fluke happened to fit on the back seat of the jaguar & with room to spare, so it's easily transportable. The clear perspex will be shortly sourced & fitted on all sides thus preventing locos from jumping to the floor & also providing adequate protection of scenery whilst transporting. The layout is very much a work in progress, Sheet #2 has been ballasted & airbrushed with more airbrushing of oil still to come. Green bush is going to make up most of the scenery once i'm finished. 

The layout will be on display along with all my nz120 models. A very first public viewing!

The show details are;
20-21 July 18th Hobby Expo, Taupo Model Rail Club, Events Centre, Spa Road, Taupo

Sheet #2, featuring the steam engine display

Sheet #2 from other end
Sheet #1, featuring a double slip thus allowing 1 or 2 trains to run.
Showing off the groundwork.

Streamlined Ka has a chassis arriving from the states enabling some doubleheading with any luck!

The Wb has a front pony truck added & couplers. The rear pony truck can't happen with the Farish & the wheel base is simply wrong anyway.. 

The "diseasils"
And a video showing operation.

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