Saturday, 6 July 2013

NZ120 Decals

I've been printing a few decals using an inkjet printer, decal paper & bonder.

I've printed decals for the DL, DXR, steam engine number plates & Zh Wagon.

The number plates are printed on trasparent paper & will require the loco plate to be painted white / gold first.
DL & DXR Decals

Steam Engine Number Plate Decals
Zh Decals
Zh after receiving decals

The DL, now with cab numbers. not as tidy of a job as i wanted but still looks great from 2 feet away. The decals on the front required painting first.. of which i now need to re-do. lucky I printed a few sheets!
NZ120 DL 9008, Class Leader

NZ120 DL 9008, Class Leader
NZ120 DXR 8007, Class Leader

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