Thursday, 12 September 2013

NZ120 Silver Fern RM & Ud (Well) wagon

NZR Silver Fern

A test print has been ordered in Frosted Detail, not available in FUD due to sheer size of model in 1:120 scale.. Will wait for a test print with great interest! 
The under grubbins will be made available after a test arrives, still unsure how to tackle this as with all the boxes the price of the model tends to shoot skyward. Will make the under-grubbins available as a separate item.. Perhaps a clip on job? still not sure!

This model will replace my scratch build attempt.. 

Designed to be fitted with 2mm brass bearings & wheels inserted.

Power Bogie side frames, designed to attach to a single bogie using a chassis of SD-7 with the other power bogie removed. If you use a lifelike you wont see the motor through the windows.

Showing bogies, Printed inside the body to prevent handling damage.

Ud Class, Well wagon of 1940
This model is a must have for any nz120 Layout, Requires 6 Wheels per wagon, 3 per bogie. Available from

Hooks and rivets!
Bogies need removing from body, 4 1mm struts connecting.

NZR UD Wagon, Image Credits, A great source for modellers, every single wagon with photos and information on anything.


  1. How long until average Joe get his hands on the rail car? And at what cost? It looks bloody awesome, great work!

  2. Cheers!, Within a week from now, after the design is proven to be printable. Somewhere close to $115USD in 1:120 scale.

  3. Sounds great! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one. I'll be interested to see how you power her