Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Designs, NZ120 EL 60 Ton Breakdown Crane & NZ120 Dh Class

2 Weeks later & new designs emerge from the cooker. The first being the EL 60 Ton Breakdown Crane, as inspired by the recent Steam Crane project.

The crane will need to be assembled and additional parts sourced. For instance this crane will need 10 wheels! Or 8 if you cheat & leave the center wheel out on the 2 x 6 wheel trucks. The coupling clips for the relieving bogies are included but 2 couplers will be needed too.

The main hook will be available separately, so brass will be the preferred material.

A test print was ordered, but had to be done in 4 separate files..

Note that the outriggers are extended (Red), The coupling clips (black) & two relieving bogies at either end (grey)
Travelling mode.
All the pieces involved.

To make the counter weights travel stiff wire will need to be installed (red)

The prototype, Visit for more!

The second design is the NZ120 Dh class,
Designed on the DH as it originally came in service. Bogie side frames are intended.

Update, I've decided to make a portion of the reference material available, to hopefully give more background to the EL crane. The photos were excellent reference material!


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