Saturday, 12 July 2014

Building a country station (Left Loop)

Since I have not yet acquired a 3d printer, but still needing a station I decided to kit bash a metcalfe n scale country station card kit.
The station platform was built using plywood & card.

Veranda built using card & n scale track. Painted with primer.
Then a paper texture was glued on top of the platform with "pva" glue

TT scale figures added with some natural lighting giving an overall nice effect.

This section has a paper place holder for the road, some thought & research into the loaded bay required in order to give a more natural look.

The Standard railcar posing. The track will need to be replaced with streamlined track, and a slight realignment will hopefully ease the curve immediately south of this picture, and line up to the platform closer.
Overall view.
NZ120 ET-EM Unit

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