Monday, 2 February 2015

NZ120 Pneumatic Coaling Crane Kit

On request a NZ120 Pneumatic Coaling Crane  crane has evolved into reality for nz120, Designed as a kit.
It will require 2 wheels, some thread & wire.
I've included 2 buckets, that will need wire to complete. I suspect friction will be enough in nz120 to hold the bucket upright. The buckets are quite thick, and might need a drilling out to make thinner. To raise & lower the bucket, the piston needs a thicker bit of wire inserted, and connected to the first pulley, so prototypical raising of the bucket can occur.
Wire will also be used to connect the pulleys & enable free wheeling.

The crane can now be purchased! can be found here
Showing Parts (Right)
Showing Parts (Left)

Photo of assembled parts

Actual Prototype (Image sourced from

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