Monday, 30 March 2015

NZ120 DBR Arrives

Just a quick post to show some pictures of the NZ120 DBR Printed by Shapeways in Frosted Ultra Detail.
When I took the pictures I had already washed, scrubbed the model & blown out with the air compressor a few times before spraying a coat of Tamiya Fine Primer.
Recommended Chassis type; N scale Atlas (SD35, SD24) Kato (SD7/9), same as the DC class

Sitting on chassis

Sitting on chassis, nz120 nzr style coupler

Sitting on chassis, nz120 nzr style coupler. Sideframes will be filed down & brass sideframe needs some filing down..
Not enough primer, try again... Lovely rear tho...

Will update this post as I paint her up.. if I can decide what scheme that is...

After painting her up, shes almost presentable, still need to apply handrails, rear coupler, air hoses & window glazing.

After attaching handrails as carefully as I can, some cruel closeups are posted showing the damage!

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