Thursday, 21 May 2015

NZ120 40 Ton Craven Steam Crane - Part two.

A test print of the NZ120 Craven Breakdown Crane, has arrived, and in the new material "Frosted eXtreme Detail) or FXD. Far superior to Frosted Ultra Detail, and the result can be observed in the following pictures. There are small imperfections in the print surface, but overall the result is satisfying.

The gears are a mixed result, the manual worm drives are meshing with the gears ok, however the small gear, that was reduced in ratio ended up having too much friction, so I ended up leaving it out & glued the pistons in place. I think im going to leave the parts as they are, for most I think super gluing the pistons etc is the status quo and leaving it open for the brave to have a go at. Your going to need proper axles & little gears...

Photos partway through assembly. Painted grey but still not the final colour, and having to re-rig the crane every coat of paint gets old...

The models are available in 4 parts, with the 5th part coming soon.
(1/5) Craven 40-ton Steam Crane - Chassis
(2/5) Craven 40-ton Steam Crane - Gears
(3/5) Craven 40-ton Steam Crane - Body
(4/5) Craven 40-ton Steam Crane - Jib

The money shot, count the rivets...

NZ120 Craven, Printed in FXD

NZ120 Craven, Printed in FXD

NZ120 Craven, Printed in FXD. (NZ120 flying drone view :P)

Craven & Q

Now time is all that is needed to make the final part set (5/5) which includes hook & pulley, cab shell & modified flat wagon.

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