Friday, 23 June 2017


With thanks to the old man, a plan of the NZR Ew is found in The New Zealand Model Railway Journal, Number 91, Volume 15, June 1962.
I'm drawing it up in 1:64, to make available in nz120 & of course 1 for me in 1:24.

The NZ120 version is now available, and can be found here
Bogies found here

1:64 NZR Ew Shell.
1:24 Ew sections underway, sitting on bogies loaned from the De


After a first coat of matt black, putty & sanding next. 
Still in the process of printing the middle bogie adapter., another thing to consider is how sharp of a radius does it need to go around, 2ft would be the answer. Thus the implications are an exaggerated distance between to the two bodies.

The tidy up continues, Now is able to run. Been experimenting with printing pantographs, the pantograph base needs correcting so it can lower correctly. Just sitting in place atm.

Pantograph after a few tweaks, now completely lowers.
1:24 Ew making its first run

1:24 Ew, still far from perfect, join lines still visible but looking more like the prototype.

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