Thursday, 11 January 2018


I've finally drawn up the DFT class for 3d printing, obviously I want it for 1:24, but initially drawn up for 1:120 & Ho

The NZ120 & 1:87 DFT version NZ120 DFT 1:87 DFT

Last body section on the printer overnight, which is going to take 25 hours
DF detailing begins, need to think about sourcing motor chassis
OK, so as it stands, if i'd paid any attention would be i'm printing a DFT. at least on the long hood. So the plan is to remove the front central pillar, square the window off and add a chute to the left hand side

1:24 Dft, progressing but still alot of detail work to do. Fuel tank, battery box & bogies finished. I started printing to early so wil have to redo this project from scratch, as more detail behind the cab roof in terms of profile & height have been since corrected, as well as a few panels including the exhaust added. 

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