Sunday, 17 February 2013

H Class

The H Class is now almost ready for a test print in NZ120. Very close to doing the entire underframe & detailing so that it can be a static display piece until i can somehow power the thing. 

Finally some movies of the steam locomotives actual running, The ab & wab were painted by Russ @ Trackgangproducts. The J on the other hand was painted by myself, but know where i went wrong. I have 2 variants of the J incoming so might focus on doing them properly!

I setup 2 loops on a flat table & even went to the effort of  cutting a nice polystyrene bed for the track & quickly had 2 trains running.

I found an old video shot Feb 2012 & shows 2 partially scratch built locos, streamlined J & WAB both now building dust somewhere. Their value dropped the second the 3d prints arrived I reakon. But here's the video shot now a year ago!

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