Monday, 30 September 2013

NZ120 DC/DA/DBR Bogie Side frames Arrive

Ordered in Frosted Ultra Detail, and arrived just today are the new DC/DA/DBR bogie side frames.
Also will be available in Polished/Unpolished Brass for weight on the loco right where you want it!

The overall quality of the print is perfect, with cleaning up using toothbrush and paste under running water enabling me to produce reliable & clean models everytime. Although this trick works best for Frosted Ultra Detail.

HDR goodness, crisp detail! Now painting and attaching to the SD-7 Truck.

Sideframes attached to NZ120 3d Printed DA Class

Sideframes attached to NZ120 3d Printed DA Class
Backing up to the broken down & over used silver fern, Dc class sporting the new bogie side-frames

Only, at the last moment realised their is no coupler for it yet...

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