Saturday, 19 October 2013

NZ120 Db Decals

Today sees the completion of actually getting around to printing decals (Stripes) for the NZ120 Class. 

I only had 4 sheets of White Decal paper & no transparent sheets, so white paper will work considering my printer is unable to print white.

The image is freely available for anyone wanting to give decal printing a go. The local modelling hobby shops normally have decal paper & the bonder (Sprays on decal after printing to seal). The idea is to cut the decal carefully using a fine pair of scissors, and leaving a tiny black strip... 

Once the standard railcar arrives I shall use the same technique.

Source Image, Free to download, NZ120 Db/Da Stripes

Printed & decal bonder applied

After application on the Db Class attached to the Da Class which also shared the livery

Perhaps I went a bit to heavy on the weathering, note the fruit salad Da lurking in the background.

DB class sporting some bling..

And also, The silver fern running around with front main LEDs running

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