Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Design, De Class Bo-Bo (1952)

A new design finished this week, the De class in nz120 scale. The bogie side frames will be available separately in the near future, and will be available in FUD & Brass (Perfect amount of weight precisely where it's required).

For any brass etching experts out there, this loco would benefit the most out of etched grill covers!

The New Zealand DE class locomotive is a New Zealand class of shunting diesel-electric locomotives Introduced 1952. The New Zealand Railways intended to replace steam locomotives for shunting duties with this class. They are physically similar to the Tasmanian Government Railways X class, which were also of English Electric design. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Latest Version, without bogie side frames.

Showing inside Cab

New Zealand Railways DE Class. Ken Devlin Photo, Sourced from http://www.kiwibonds.com/KenDevlin/Pagebatch3.html
Tasmanian Government Railways X class Sourced from http://www.dvr.org.au

My scratch built De model, soon to be replaced with any luck!

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