Wednesday, 27 November 2013

NZ120 DI Class test print arrives.

Today the NZ120 DI class test print arrived, after the tooth paste and brush cleanup, followed by primer shows us the following.

The curves and detail are perfect, having been printed in FUD i'm more than happy!

Showing the Chassis sitting in side. The max width available inside for chassis is 11.0mm
Removing the bogie sideframes

Showing the GP-30 Chassis & SD-40-2 Trucks.

Jolon's plan is to use a shortened PA-1 Chassis & a smaller motor. It looks bigger, but that's a "perspective" issue...
HDR image

Does look rather pinkish...

The actual "red" Another great photo by Ken Devlin, found
Di, with painted roof, brass nzr couplers


  1. Whats the reason for using a GP20 chassis and SD40-2 bogies? The SD40-2 and GP20 are the same bogie spacing pretty much arent they?

  2. The GP20 bogies removed were 2 axle bogies (type gp20 into google), so using the sd40 bogies with 3 axles gave correct wheel spacing for a NZ120 Di. Printing the first section of the Di in 1:24 right as I type this.. your not spying on me? :P

    1. I worded that wrong. I meant why you didnt just use an SD40-2 chassis and bogies and used the GP20 chassis with SD40-2 bogies as I think the GP20 and SD40-2 have similar bogie spacing.
      I recently decided to do some NZ120 modelling and a Di would be good. Looking at chassis the SD7/9 seems to be pretty close to the Di.