Tuesday, 10 December 2013

1:87 Zh & Silver Fern Updates

The Zh shell has been made available in 1:87 scale upon request, available here http://www.shapeways.com/model/1560575/1-87-scale-nzr-zh-class.html?li=shop-results&materialId=6

NZ120 Silver Fern
The silver fern fitted with front lights

The fern also received front head lights. It is a very bright led, but really is a personal preference. 

Also worth mentioning, the bogies... Since the size of the fern, even in nz120 scale is simply too big to fit inside the Printer (for Frosted Ultra Detail). It is available however in Frosted Detail, which is better than Strong & Flexible in terms of smoothness so I can't complain. The bogies however, being small and detailed in nz120 need to be made available as a separate product. 

An initial order to replace my fern, in FUD Material is a go so far. The bogie could be made available in Brass/Bronze after a test print is ordered in one of the materials. The power bogie is spaced apart like the non powered 3 bogies, so its now possible to have an un-powered free running model.

The undergrubbins will be added, and the bogies removed from the main shell, with links pointing to the bogies from main product page.

The undergrubbins will also be made available for mine and others test prints as a separate item also.

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