Saturday, 16 August 2014

Building an even bigger Station

Work this weekend sees the completion of a station platform. The turnouts have been wired up in 2's & 4 tracks can be easily accessed with only 3 point controllers. Since the layout is DCC (NCE Procab) this gives some rather easy & fun action with 4 trains possible if the operator can keep up.
And being DCC some head on collisions have occurred when gin was introduced in the mix. Some fatalities later it was decided to send everything in 1 direction only.

The platform itself is "Gib". Primed then painted. For the yellow & white lines I used "Continuous Thermal Labels" cut into thin strips & applied.

After I took the shots I was inspired to drag out the passenger fleet under the guise of  a crucial "platform clearance checking" in order to successfully pass final certification.

Again, shortly after I took the shots, I was inspired to drag out the actual passengers.

On reflection, the Wellington Station is one I personally wish to build, if I ever had the room. It would have to be as scale as possible, with the main station building being a challenge in itself, however with a 3d Printer it suddenly seems very possible.

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