Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Designs - NZ120 D/DM Class (60ft)

This week see's a completion of a new design, the D/DM class. Those who have been to Wellington after 1938 should be familiar with em.

Designed in 3 components, the 2 shells & seperate bogies.

The bogies are designed to fit 15mm axles (In NZ I source the wheels & couplers from Russell @ Trackgang Products. They are available in either Frosted Ultra Detail (Nylon) or "Raw Brass" and can be found here

The main bodies are designed to be printed in "Frosted Ultra Detail" only.

Currently the main bodies are undergoing processing, and is available for purchase now.

The prototype - Image sourced from http://nzrailwaysrollingstocklists.weebly.com/dm---motor-of-1938.html

Rendered image of the DM

Rendered image of the D class
Rendered image of the Bogie
Showing the internals
After a test print arrives of the design & a lick of paint & wheels it can be properly visualized! Still a bit to go for it to be a runner. The chassis I used came from a Graham Farish N Scale DMU. 

And a wee vid of it running. Currently DC controlled but intend to DCC fit it out

Another video of it running with headlights.

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