Friday, 5 December 2014

NZ120 Couplers

Some more work on the couplers for nz120 has resulted in couplers that will hopefully be printable in brass..
The previous test prints in brass were quite successfull all round, some work drilling out the holes with a 0.9mm drill is required however.

"Square Coupler"

"Circular Coupler"
Early print of the coupler attached to a Zp with operating door.
Di, with the brass nz120 coupler has functioned without flaw. 


  1. So why weren't these able to be printed in brass when ordered from Shapeways ?

  2. You're able to order them now (in brass and bronze).

    Will get some with my next order... I may have to make a knuckle compatibility coupler too :-)

    BTW Peter my website URL has changed (