Thursday, 24 March 2016

1:24 Portland Cement No5

This week sees a model of the Portland Cement Pecket No5 drawn & mostly 3d printed. The actual prototype resides nearby at the Heritage Park, Maunu, Whangarei.

Photo credits
Portland Cement Peckett 23 Nov 1963 - 13yo Bruce H in cab facing camera
Peckett slowly takes shape, free running chassis, with a meccano gear installed for motorization. The F looks mighty in comparison.

Mostly assembled, with more detailing work to come.

The pistons are placed 2mm away from the chassis on both sides, to allow the thicker rods to move freely
No ashpan or firebox, the space will be taken up by an electric motor & worm
Easter Friday lineup Wanted to see the 1:24 Pecket, F & Ja in a line for size comparison photoshoot.

1:24 Ja, F & Peckett, A much better comparison photo, tender hasn't fallen off the track in this pic.
1:24 Pecket & F, easily transportable size
1:24 Pecket & F negotiating 1 of the 10 promised bridges northland will receive. Admittedly its built of meccano but remains within budget. 

The bridges will be a shared rail & 1 road lane, thus fixing whatever the issue is with the current bridges. The bridge won't fit a 1:24 DL class or even a high cube container, but that's a problem for tomorrow.

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