Saturday, 30 April 2016

1:24 Kiwirail DL Class

1:24 DL, A model of national significance :P
Latest "NZR" locomotive, Kiwirail DL Class. Image sourced from
Thus far 4 sections printed. The white section was printed about 7 months ago now, and since I've experienced warping failures since due to the sheer size of the sections. Still not perfect (see slight gaps in the laminating that need some bog) but finally back on track after repairing the UP Plus 2. Sections are joined together with printed adapter parts..

Another section completed & sitting in place. Bogies finally removed from donor loco.

Showing the result of printers behaving badly. The 2nd section from the left suffered a rather large moth landing on the surface & got stuck in the print, thrashing about causing the fragile supports to fail. Lucky I saw it. If it happened overnight then the printer would continue to print regardless. The primer grey section (center) is going to be a paint & decal test, might even put glazing, lights in & mount it on a picture frame. Possibly coming out of a tunnel portal, dunno yet.

1:24 Dl progress so far, all sections finally printed! The cab ends were the most difficult but simply changing the object orientation on the printer was the breakthrough. The joining of the sections on the Right-hand side cab is out by 0.5mm, so work required to fix it best i can.

And after a lick of paint

In good fashion, Its better to go back to old posts such as this & keep em updated, as there's no sense rushing these things.
Some pics are adding quite a bit of detail, for the first time decent airhoses, handgrabs etc.

Showing the placement of detail parts, which are pre-aligned & grouped into seperate files accordingly ready for printing. 

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