Friday, 3 June 2016

1:24 50ft Car First Class BPX25175 (Neil Wards Design 4 9mm)

Neil Ward kindly let me use his beautifully designed 50ft Carriage 3d files with the purpose of creating a nice rake to run on the future outdoor NZR only layout at portland.
It took just over 1kg of ABS 1.75mm filament for the carriage and details. At least 2 weeks printing & assembling.
The roof needs painting flat black, the rub plates, vestibules & handrails etc still need doing.

1:24 Vestibules folded & glued, Template cut & scored ready to fold. 
Template I made up, I printed Black lines onto black 220gsm paper ($ warehouse stationery 10 pack) using an inkjet printer. Then scored the lines with a razor & metal ruler. Folding & attaching rub plates simple enough.

Vestibules sitting in place, not wanting to fix in place until the roof is finished

Working on the vestibules for the carriage, I've worked the template out on some dodgy card but will pick up something from the stationery shop. The smaller black one is from the old mans scratch built 9mm carriages, about 25 years old.

A long way to go, but still more seats than the Internet Mana party ever had.
First bogie finished, bearings & wheels sitting in place.

Run out of filament with 3 seats to print (not yet attached), an interesting pic before the walls & toilet go in mostly blockiing this view.

Wall partitions printing. All seats in place. I don't think i've seen the man in the pic not using his phone, a sign of the times.

1:24 F & carriage on display for the old man at portland, Roof will be painted flat black when I buy more paint.

And the obligatary topless shot.

A video of the 1:24 Dbr, Di & 50ft Carriage having a short back n forth.

Second 1:24 50ft car body completed
I've spoken to Neil about the possibility of making these beauties to nz120, although by far not his scale. If it could be done & printed locally using Neils Printer I myself would love a set in nz120 :D An exciting future indeed.
2nd Carriage progressing along, 1st batch of people try out the seats, bums need some heavy sanding.

Second 1st 50ft Car creeps forward in progress. Internals all done, Figures all painted by mum. Toilets & fittings added, not to fussed on correctness here as the window will be blanked out. Will look around for 1x2cm mirrors for the toilets, maybe a 2dollar shop will have something. Wheel order arrived in auckland today, so will push 1 or 2 more of these out.

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