Sunday, 15 May 2016

1:24 Di Class

1:24 Di class

Another perfect Ken Devlin Photo,
1  163.4g 10hr 16min Res0.2
2  120.0g 7hr  57min Res0.2
3  175.8g 12hr 03min Res0.2
4  168.1g 11hr 37min Res0.2
5  98.8g  07hr 05min Res0.2
6  105.0g 07hr 22min Res0.2
7a 29.6g  02hr 10min Res0.2
7b 30.8g  02hr 18min Res0.2
8  55.5g  04hr 17min Res0.2

Total Print Time  65hr 03min
Material Cost 947g (less bogies)

1:24 Di, at this stage using 60 grit sandpaper to do most of the legwork, a small wooden block the size of a deck of cards gives 3 different sized surfaces ideal in for this size job. I've been finishing surfaces with 180 & 200 grit.
1:24 Di, I probably should have tried making the steps thinner, but held off after convincing myself stronger is better in this location. After seeing it in the flesh like this im not so sure. Perhaps after painting & weathering it may not stand out as much.
1:24 locos underway. Dbr now has fuel & battery tanks. DL requires more filler in lots of areas followed by more sanding.
After further work...
Nippon pink springs to mind, so does red wine.
1:24 Di class showing off handrails, which are all 3d printed. Still a few left to do. Also been experimenting with painting the DL cab up as can be seen in the pic.

1:24 people participate in a group photo..

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