Friday, 2 September 2016

1:24 Nzr C 1930

This time around sees the Nzr C shunter designed & printed in 1:24 scale. Since the wheelbase is perfect for the LGB chassis the old man has acquired.

both printers working overtime, as Ive been sanding down the sections, the dust tends to build in the gaps/section joins, so i've been carefully applying glue over the dust/powder in the gaps, and sanding when dry & repeating the process untill gaps filled. 

At this point most of the basic components are printed except the obvious, none of the real detailing has started yet but the platform is there. I think a few more sand downs & repaints in a few areas, boiler & roof areas. but before that I need to restock with putty, as my trick with gluing the sanding powder didn't really work out.
I also need to rework the return crank, and re attach the eccentric. 
Another area of interest is the framework below the cab, if I were to make it prototypical, then the delta trucks going to cause issues on the first sharp curve, so I may fudge the downward angled part of the frame a bit.

Currently researching the Wf, which really has an awfully lot in common.

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