Tuesday, 23 August 2016

1:24 Hook & Chain

A detail I've been wanting to do for a while are the Chain & Hooks, After playing with a few tests I came up with an answer, print everything separate, paint while still on the print raft. 

The next step above is to pop off all the components & attach to a board with double sided tape, then paint the unpainted side. I failed to do this step with the first 3 sets! so will have to touch up later.

And the result is a multi colored nightmare, but will easily be fixed. Only 2 chains need a fine cut with a razor on 1 end to complete assembly.
Overall it looks ok to me, the chain is quite free to move, although couldn't hold a train together.

All 50fters painted in Coronation Red, Also the first of the 47/6 carriages to get painted with a more correct black roof. Space is becoming more of an issue with each passing week.

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