Monday, 5 November 2012

November 6th Update on Recent New Models

So recently I was asked by a chap in Germany to convert my DA into a G12

His message included the info on the loco

"A Bo'Bo'-EMD/GM G12 would be one of the models of choice. One purpose-built demonstrator went around Denmark, Sweden and Norway in the early Fifties, and was bought by the swedish SJ in 1956, numbered as T42 205, serving in northern Sweden. In the mid-1950s also the Sydvaranger iron ore mine railway in northernmost Norway introduced another two G12. The GM-demonstrator, later SJ T42, became the forefather of some very successful NoHAB designs as the GM-engined T43."
Availalbe here ;

Secondly we have the DA Class in its last phase 3 version.
Available & able to be purchased without any issues.

Thirdly, the AK & AKC Top shells are finalized & available, measurements correct & an personal order placed :P
The bottom chassis, bogies, and seat design is finished, just awaiting seat & table placement. A big thanks to all that have been emailing me photos of the internal carriages, this will end up a very detailed carriage inside and out!


Lastly, the JA is undergoing a detail overhaul

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