Friday, 2 November 2012

NZ120 Locomotive fleet as of Nov 2012

A time for reflection! How does one come to the conclusion "Do I have enough locomotives yet?" The answer is relatively simple, when one has every class of locomotive in ones collection is it truly complete! And no i'm not crazy, my mother had me tested :P

I should also mention the very first locomotive I purchased was around April / May 2011, and it was the clockwork orange DX from Trackgangproducts Website!

I will look at this post far into the future and think to myself, how did I get by with such a modest collection back in the old days!

Admittedly the DG with the yellow stripe & the EO I did not personally build, but that's OK too. Also I should note the DFT & DXB is missing from the picture as they were towing the overlander around the layout.


  1. wow, thats an impressive lineup Peter.I love how the DSC has turned out.

  2. Cheers! I like the flying tomato on her, really looks the part. Just need a chassis for it!

  3. Hi Peter, can I ask what chassis you used for the EO shell? Was this one of coasterboys shells off Shapeways?