Monday, 5 November 2012


The Wb in Frosted Ultra Detail, I will be personally buying everything in FUD, with the exception of certain wagon types like the ZM where the cost is cheap enough and while still providing the "look".

The finished detail, whilst still in a relatively un-detailed form is quite amazing to say the least! My scratch built locomotives don't even come close to curves and perfect lines in all the required places. A scary after thought of designing a K/KA would certainly be the immediate devaluation of my scratch built K shell. But then modernization has had a history of doing just that.

A Wb locomotive, Photo's Sourced from, Check em out!


  1. That Wb is looking good. Any chance you will be able to do an EEDf, Di and some guards vans ?

  2. I've just purchased a chassis for a EEDF, so its definately a sooner rather than later job!
    DI is another one I will do to replace my scratch built effort!

    Not sure about the guards vans, but who knows!