Monday, 9 June 2014

NZ120 47/6 FT Passenger Car (1902) test print arrives

Available Here Shapeways NZ120 47ft6 Carriage
Today the courier dropped off some goodies, 1 Bus & 1 Carriage. More on the Bus later but in the mean time.

I couldn't wait to take a picture of it before the cleaning process, so after trucks & couplers were "borrowed" from a 56'er I can run the model. 3D Printed trucks are on their way!

NZR Ab 811 takes the privilege of the first Run with the carriage.

*Updated Pics* - New paint colour purchased - Tamya X-12 "Gold Leaf" (Gloss) with the idea of it creating a polished brass effect

Gold added, waiting now for correct bogies & handrails!

Even the Ab had a touch of gold paint added, mainly the steam dome.
My thoughts are initially pointed at the fact the wood sides are not clearly visible at all, more of a gap is required between the wooden slats. How much space would be the question.

The end handrail work has been made available from Marks model works & a few sets ordered. Once the handrail etchings are installed the carriage will truly look the part!

A second carriage gets a run before painting.
Second Carriage after Painting.

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