Friday, 27 June 2014

The level crossing..

Today some effort goes into this level crossing, the picture below with the fern shows no thought what so ever in regards to vehicle traffic except for a warning light facing in 1 direction only that won't stop flashing! A source of personal contention in that over time one simply ignores... until now. 

Silver fern passes through a clearly war torn landscape

The loose gravel was scooped out & cardboard cutouts were used as the road former. Coated with thick black paint & fine black coal dust applied.

Still very much a work in progress, I will apply another layer of almost sand like dust mixed with pva, paint & drop of dish washing liquid to hopefully create a convincing asphalt surface.
The 2nd carriage from the right (with a guard waving on the end), simply refuses to sit flat & level. Everything is filed flat yet it continues to list to the side... 

I've checked the couplers..

And a video of the Ab, Ja, Ka taking turns with the 47'6ers

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