Thursday, 19 June 2014

NZ120 47/6 FT Passenger Car (1902) Handrails

Today some handrails arrive from Marks Model Works in the form of a brass etch. They look incredibly fine!

MMW 47ft6 Car Hand Rails

Installing them is not for the faint of heart, and not because its complex in anyway, but rather one jitter or shake of the hands could result in not so straight hand rails. I cut the main part out except the foot plates on either side, which require soldering once bent. Then can be simply glued to the main body.

Very fine

This photo highlights why printing handrails in this scale simply doesn't work. The Ja tender is long overdue for the oil burner conversion, so brass etched handrails would be in order.

Paint chips n all. Window glazing, battery boxes & bogies remain!

2 more carriages have been ordered which leaves another carriage to go. The next obvious design would have to be a baggage car to suit.

*Attaching the footplates proved tricky at places, but mostly because of size. I covered them with flux, touched the iron & solder against it & achieved a nice thin coat of solder.

Ensure when you fold & solder, that its folded properly.

Tiny tiny things.

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