Saturday, 7 May 2016

1:24 DBR Class

3D Printed 1:24 DBR Class. 
The entire body less the bogies & fuel tank, took exactly 1kg of material at a cost of $40 via sandbrooks in auckland, including a time cost of roughly 5 days.

Prototype - Photo by R.Bryant - 1997 DBR 1200

1:24 DBR Class, "sectionalized". If anyone is selling g gauge SD35, SD24, SD7/9's on ebay beware, its going to be chopped up on arrival, huge festival & burning ceremony. bands n everything.
1:24 DBR Class, Printed sections glued together, sanding & painting begins. 
1:24 DBR Class, Headstocks attached, sanding & painting continues..
1:24 DBR Class, Headstocks attached, sanding & painting continues..

1:24 Wab on left about to receive correct cylinders.

Pretty happy with results thus far, more sanding in places will give it a nice smooth look. Printing of detail parts, cab interior, fuel tank & bogies continue. 
After Painting & adding printed details such as handrails & steps., 2mm thick. Longhood top handrails still to print.
Also visible behind the Dbr is a (Lewis Holden) Designed 1:24 scale GSX 20Ft side opening container.
1:24 Dbr
1:24 Dbr, Now with all handrails & showing off the 1:24 50ft Car First Class BPX25175 (Neil Wards Design 4 9mm)

Largest decals i've yet had to print/apply 1:24 Dbr 1200
1:24 Dbr 1200 "the other side/end"
Da control stand on left, dbr on right, many considerations, big handles that might survive printing.

Da control stand, yet to print the Da... I blame the gin.

New drivers meet with senior management, their arms & expression seemingly in a state of disbelief upon learning their fate.

A more fitting control stand for the Dbr, drivers remain in pose of utter disbelief.
Everything in place, and a crew that looks like their being paid.



  1. Really amazing work. VERY smooth for a 3-D print

  2. Thanks Jerry, I'm finding the Up Plus printer perfect for the larger scales.

  3. Very cool, where can I get one....