Friday, 1 July 2016

1:24 30ft Steel Van of 1940 - (Neil Wards Design 4 9mm)

Showing off another addition to the layout, 3d Printing a 1:24 30ft Steel Van of 1940, this is a simplified version of Neil Wards 1:34 that featured in the journal in recent years.

Stolen the wheels from my only revenue generating stock, the Uk wagon, I am modelling kiwirail...
1:24 stock after painting the rooves matt black.

Showing a series of pics from different angles.


  1. Did you produce the Ja as a 3d print too?
    Where do you find suitable loco chassis's for these awesome shells?
    Keep up the excellent work, regards.

    1. Cheers,
      I've been using aristocraft & bachmann power blocks mostly. The Ja & J are all 3d printed. The Ja has 3d printed gears, making a gear train powering all axles. Pickup via tender wheels.

    2. Very cool Peter quite envious of the large scale, the ability to detail is excellent and something which you've done superbly. I've had to go the other way with my 1:64 scale models and have I stead dabbled in n scale but am eyeing up your models on Shapeways. The Ka on offer does that require the tender to be purchased separately?

  2. Cheers for the comments. Yes the K & Ka require separate tenders found here, not entirely sure why, but it's size I think was the reason.

  3. Thanks for that Peter, I'll start looking for a chassis to match.

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