Thursday, 28 July 2016

1:24 Ud Wagon

This weeks project was to organize a Nzr UD well wagon for the 1:24, although actual print time is just over 20 hours, it actually took up the printer for most of the weekend.

Ud wagon in its early life.

Printer - UP PLUS 2
Quality - Fast
Internal honeycomb structure - second smallest size

1  65.7g 2hr 36min Res0.2
2  71.4g 3hr 01min Res0.2
3  58.3g 2hr 27min Res0.2
4  58.3g 2hr 41min Res0.2
5  73.2g 2hr 58min Res0.2
6  50.9g 2hr 01min Res0.2
7a 19.4g 0hr 53min Res0.2
7b 24.4g 1hr 12min Res0.2
8  13.9g 0hr 55min Res0.2
9  19.8g 1hr 29min Res0.2

Total Print Time  20hr 13min
Material Cost 455.3g

1:24 Ud well wagon showing off its intended role, although without the boarded ends.
1:24 Ud well wagon sections 3d printed, attached, rough sand then painted with dark grey gloss primer. Still a bit to go. Ran out of wheels again..
1:24 Ud wagon after a coat of gloss colonial red, then I plan on spraying Matt Clear

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