Sunday, 17 July 2016

1:24 60 Ton Breakdown Crane EL class

1:24 60 Ton Breakdown Crane EL class.
On suggestion from Grant M, I sourced motors from a website called, or more specifically

For the extending jib, im using a T8 300mm Stainless Steel Lead Screw Set with Shaft Coupling and Mounted Ball Bearing 
And a range of DC12V 100,150 & 300RPM motors roughly $6 each.

1:24 3D Printed 60 Ton Breakdown Crane EL class

Printer - UP PLUS 2
Quality - Fast
Internal honeycomb structure - second smallest size

1a 126.0g 06hr 11min Res0.2
1b 120.0g 05hr 20min Res0.2
1c 106.9g 04hr 35min Res0.2
1d 060.5g 02hr 34min Res0.2

2a 087.2g 03hr 39min Res0.2
2b 065.8g 02hr 56min Res0.2
2c 109.9g 04hr 34min Res0.2
2d 071.6g 03hr 13min Res0.2
2e 102.7g 04hr 18min Res0.2
2f 000.0g 00hr 00min Res0.2
2g 022.7g 01hr 15min Res0.2

3a 029.3g 01hr 20min Res0.2
3b 048.3g 02hr 08min Res0.2
3c 051.1g 02hr 16min Res0.2
3d 046.7g 02hr 07min Res0.2

4a 012.2g 00hr 51min Res0.2
4b 025.5g 01hr 18min Res0.2
4c 024.7g 01hr 16min Res0.2
4d 023.9g 01hr 03min Res0.2

Total Print Time 56hr 54min
Material Cost 729.8g (less 2 bogies & 2 weight bogies)

1:24 EL crane thus far, completion of the weight bogies & their connection bits overnight. Painted & attached. Nzr couplers & bachmann wheels added.

1:24 El Crane sporting a new jib, Weight truck slowly receives detailing. 

Note the access panels removed on top of the jib.
1:24 El Crane After more work.
After printing a Hook, pulleys & a simple gearbox for manual operation until the motors arrive.
Playing around with a spreader bar.
Even Ms Daisy having a look.
Dbr gets a rear lift.
Really need another crane to pull this off


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