Tuesday, 16 August 2016

1:24 Wab revisted

The 1:24 Wab finally gets some attention, the chassis is a bachman $50 job, with everything but the siderod,wheels gears & motor thrown away least I be tempted into something plain and ordinary.

Since the picture alot of sanding & filling of the cracks in the lamination occured.
The front weight was eliminated via a hacksaw, as well as the number plate extrusion, which I think I had the idea of applying a decal and all would be good which in nz120 worked but in 1:24 not so much. also added were the cab floor, rear bogie at correct length, rear frame & driving gear. Still to add the lifting arms.

1:24 Wab, bachman chassis with an early test of the running gear, lifting link etc still to do. A bit sloppy at this point. I will be re-printing a slightly longer main rod to correct the crosshead position. The real crime is the placement of the crosshead guide 3mm offcentre to allow the thicker driving wheels & siderod to clear the crosshead guide when in motion.

1:24 Wab 799

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