Friday, 5 August 2016

1:24 Ww Class

A new project thanks to the aquisition of suitable low cost LGB chassis on trademe will see a few Ww's & in the future a C shunter. And if I alter the wheelbase perhaps a few more classes. .

The chassis is a  LGB Power Truck for the LGB Locos 20750, 21750 and 20755
The chassis cost about $150 for 2 on trademe. Quite common it seems.

After printing plans in 1:24 scale, design work when into the chassis first, Printing the wheel centres for the existing wheels & a false centre wheel.

A movie showing off the running Ww Mech

A few days later and the bulk of the body & detail parts are printed & painted. The body still needs further finer sanding but progress going well.

Next version will be the reboilered Ww, with a far more impressive look.

Ww makes another test run

1:24 men assembling the Ww's
1:24 men assembling the Ww's
1:24 Original Ww after some serious sanding
1:24 Original Ww
1:24 Reboilered & Original Ww
1:24 Reboilered & Original Ww
The Wab is in focus, with all working motion & mounts ready to print. The bachman chassis completely striped down to nothing except the main frame & gearbox/motors/wheels. The rear chassis can now be reprinted to correct length. Body is to be sanded down once again & repainted. The Wab will benefit from the Ww detailing & work on the Ab can finally resume & finish allowing the C shunter project to begin.
1:24 Ww Cab windows
Some rather nice pics of the 1:24 Ww's 575 & 560 after a Painting effort

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