Sunday, 31 March 2013

Where to buy DCC Sound that would fit in NZ120 3D prints

Today i'm looking at my loco go around listening at the sound of well oiled gears & the "clickety" - "clack" in what appears to be no apparent order of the 2. To have sound requires DCC decoders with built in sound, if you ask your local model shop dealer about whether they sell or can source any they tend to respond in a "it ain't gonna happen" way. After searching online & indulging in many fruitless search tangent's leads me to this website. Here's a list of N scale decoders at decent prices & they deliver to NZ with a variety of delivery options catering to those who understand the arrow of time and how to bide it, right through to $150 for a 3 day delivery (i.e you've won lotto, money has no immediate limit)...

Listing just more than a few worth at least a mention;

$39.99 Digitrax SDN144PS N Scale Plug in Mobile Sound/Motor/Function Decoder with SoundFX (Preloaded with generic diesel and steam sound schemes)

$49.99  MRC N 1959 Universal 16-Bit Diesel Sound Decoder

$59.99  MRC N 1644 Diesel Sound Decoder for Kato SD70MAC and AC4400

$82.49  ESU N 73814 LokSound Select Micro Sound Decoder Programmed with Steam Locomotives, 4 Driven Axles

Heres a Link to the complete listing of N scale DCC Sound Decoders, with & without sound

I might print this list, Instruct them to buy & stock a few, tell em to stick on some profit, and see what happens.

If you dont want to goto the trouble, then perhaps a decent stereo system playing train vids in the back ground type of thing, like the following vid.

The next update should showcase some new prints, Happy easter!

PS, Some pics of what I got up to re the layout over the long weekend.
The riverbed is built up & now I get to play "pop the bubbles" over the next many hours after scenic water is applied. Its quite important to use flexi paste in multipule layers that will effectively give a seal. You create a "basin" thats quite liquid proof then build up the stones etc. I sealed everything with many coats of contact glue. I've added bigger rocks & debris floating around. Once it sets I will apply "scenic water effects" to get the ripples etc.
 Some nice 3D lettering to tidy up the presentation of the steam roster.

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